Fund Services

By having over 10 years of experience in the fund industry, -both on the client as well as the service provider side-, we fully understand the needs and requirements of our fund clients. We as such aim to cooperatively achieve all objectives and requirements set by the fund managers, investors and regulators.

Our main fund services are:

Fund Administration
We will maintain and prepare the fund's accounting books and records, management reports and financials while keeping track of all day-to-day operations and activities.

Registrar & Transfer Agent
We will ensure that all activities in relation to the investors like subscriptions, redemptions and conversions are taken care of timely and in accordance with the fund documentation.

Corporate & Secretarial
There is a strong need of proper and effective corporate governance, management and control due to an ever increasing legal and regulatory framework. By providing independent directors and company secretaries we meet the fund manager's compliance requirements while providing the investors a higher level of comfort.


In some cases, we extend our services to the provision of guidance/assistance on structuring a fund and its associated documentation and on the tax consequences of different fund structures together with reputable tax/law firms.


Company Management

Private Wealth Management

Special Services