Company Management

We aim to provide a wide range of services in relation to the formation and management and day-to-day business of our clients’ entities in order for the client to be able to focus on its core business while having the assurance that local corporate governance and compliance requirements are met.

Our main services are:

Company Formation
Assistance in the start-up phase of your company, whereby we guide you through the incorporation, assist in the opening of corporate and/or investment bank account and ensure all local filings are properly and timely taken care of in liaison with other local professionals like notaries, lawyers, tax advisors, auditors and bankers. Should you require a company urgently, we also have shelf companies available which can be transferred to you within a few days.

Provision corporate and/or personal directors to the entities whom have an extensive knowledge of the local requirements and as such will pro-actively be involved in the day-to-day management.

Corporate Secretarial Services
We will ensure that your company will remain in good standing with a proper corporate governance by providing a wide range of secretarial support services, such as keeping the company’s statutory books and records, holding and recording shareholders and board meetings and ensuring to meet all corporate filing and publishing requirements.
This will ensure the company will fulfil and comply with her local compliance requirements.

Accounting & Reporting
We setup and maintain the statutory accounting books and records, prepare interim and annual management reports, statutory financial statements in local GAAP and/or IFRS, provide audit assistance, all within internal and statutory requirements and deadlines. Our goal is to provide our clients with solid financial information in order to facilitate fast and strategic decision making and to ensure compliance with both internal regulations and external statutory requirements.
By using our own developed modules and latest technology we make sure that your financial reporting is accurate, transparent and up-to-date at all times. This proven procedure will ensure efficiency both from a cost and time perspective in relation to potential audit and local filing requirements.

Some of our other services are, but not limited to:

  • Bank Account & Treasury Services;
  • Assistance in Tax and Financial Planning;
  • Assistance in filing CIT and VAT Returns;
  • Drafting Legal documentation;
  • Acting as a (single) point of contact;
  • Payroll services.

Fund Services

Private Wealth Management

Special Services