Svetla Pencheva - CEO
Svetla is the CEO of the Group focusing on the corporate, tax and legal matters. She is specialized in corporate and tax matters with focus on Turkey, Russia, CIS countries and Middle East. She has 4 master degrees and 3 additional specializations, along with her doctoral pursued degree in corporate law from Leiden University. Svetla Pencheva has more than 10 years experience in international legal corporate environment and fiduciary services, implementation of structures and tax planning. She managed a vast portfolio of Russian, Turkish and East European clients having their headquarters in The Netherlands.

Daniel Felsenthal - CFO-COO
Daniel is the COO and acting as CFO of the Group responsible for the Group management financial performance and the internal structure and organization. He is specialized and focused on corporate matters and he is a business specialist with extensive experience in running and maintaining large investment structures and all aspects related to same. He holds a Master degree in notary law and a Master degree in Dutch private law. He has more than 10 years experience in the industry, including the setting-up, running and maintaining the of European Fund Management platform for Soros Fund Management/Grove Investors.

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